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ISDN Switch Off

With the year we’ve had, upgrading your business’ phone system is probably one of the last things on your mind, however BT are switching off their ISDN in 2025, so it’s worth thinking about sooner rather than later! BT currently has around 2 million ISDN customers that will be affected by the switch off, meaning […]

The Importance of Flexible Working

With the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, almost everyone in the UK now understands the true importance of flexible working in the modern world. Having the ability to work from home has been a blessing to so many recently, as it has meant that, for the most part, it is business as usual for companies, […]

The Importance of Customer Service

The telecoms industry is a highly saturated market, so to stay competitive, at Delta 365 we recognise the importance of customer service. We value any business that comes our way, big or small, and believe that every customer should receive the same level of care. So many businesses are focused on profit figures, or brand […]

Cisco – Best VoIP Phones and Handsets For Business

Is your company looking for the best Cisco VoIP phones and handsets? – Delta 365 are a VoIP phone service provider and have been providing businesses in London, Surrey and Berkshire with the highest quality hosted telephony solutions for over five years. As traditional commercial telephony is set to be diminished by BT in the […]

Christmas Messages – Is Your Business Phone System Ready?

Is your business phone system ready for the Christmas break? Before you organise the office party now is the time to prepare your out of hours Christmas messages, to let your customers know that you are changing your opening times during the festive period. Be prepared for the holiday season: plan your voicemail announcement, auto […]

Yealink – The Best Business and IP SIP Phones For Your Office

Yealink is a UK company, and they have developed a reliable reputation for their IP, SIP and VoIP telephony systems. The company was founded in 2001 and have a worldwide customer base. The company has remained at the cutting edge of business telephony systems, and several models are worth considering. Why should you choose IP […]
unified communications

Unified Communications is it Right for Your Business?

The term unified communications have been discussed on increasing business; there is no denying that communication is vital for the success of any company, so why do so many companies tolerate a basic telecommunication system? Every business, no matter the industry, should be looking to obtain the value for money in everything they do, and […]
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How Free Phone Numbers Can Help Businesses Grow

Think it’s about time your business got free phone numbers? While many businesses and brands across the world are still making use of local and national telephone numbers for the savings they bring, there has been a steady rise in the take-up of free phone numbers for many years now. There’s plenty of good reasons […]
Streamline Your Business Communications with a Hosted VoIP System

Streamline Your Business Communications with a Hosted VoIP System

A Hosted VoIP System can help streamline your business communications – The fast pace way in which businesses communicate with their clients, customers, and indeed each other – is changing and streamlining operations has become an essential requirement for success. With BT set to retire traditional voice connectivity such as ISDN in the coming years, […]
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Business Telephone Systems : Premise or Cloud-Based?

Your company needs to be contacted 24/7 and so you need a reliable business telephone systems. Hosted VoIP phone systems, cloud-based or premise for business and enterprise, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. More and more businesses are moving their IT and communications infrastructure into The Cloud – and there’s plenty of […]
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