Christmas Messages – Is Your Business Phone System Ready?

Is your business phone system ready for the Christmas break? Before you organise the office party now is the time to prepare your out of hours Christmas messages, to let your customers know that you are changing your opening times during the festive period. Be prepared for the holiday season: plan your voicemail announcement, auto attendant message and call divert for your organisation.


christmas messages - out of hours

The volume of calls may well increase, and you may need more storage

Depending on your industry and service, it may be that you will receive more calls at this time of year. If you do, you need to ensure you have the capacity to handle more calls and that you have enough storage facilities for customers leaving messages or placing orders.

Due to staff scheduling, one-off routing may be required to handle the calls

It may be that a company isn’t closing over Christmas, but they will operate a skeleton staff. In this regard, it is vital that calls will be re-routed to people who are present and who can help a customer with an enquiry.

Can you benefit from a system-wide outgoing message?

If your business is shutting down over the festive season, it makes sense to pass this information on to all calls coming in. This is where a system-wide outgoing message is of benefit. Applying Christmas messages across all incoming phone calls means that every customer is informed of your working hours over the festive season, and when they can expect a response.

Most people will understand why companies close for Christmas and New year bank holidays, but it is important that you provide an update on the opening hours.

Make sure that you wish on the best of the season to all employees

Sometimes the most important thing for a business at this time of year is to pass on best regards to customers and clients. By recording a message and using it for all phone calls, you minimise issues that may arise from employees forgetting to set a festive greeting or from employees who may record a Christmas message that doesn’t quite match the tone that your company wishes to deliver.

You can’t always rely on a silent night or day when it comes to incoming calls this Christmas but with the right telephony system, you can answer your customers quickly, ensuring your business provides the very best service all year round.

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