Cisco – Best VoIP Phones and Handsets For Business

Is your company looking for the best Cisco VoIP phones and handsets? – Delta 365 are a VoIP phone service provider and have been providing businesses in London, Surrey and Berkshire with the highest quality hosted telephony solutions for over five years.

As traditional commercial telephony is set to be diminished by BT in the years to come, it surely makes sense to get your enterprise and offices invested in VoIP, which enables voice relay over a data connection – i.e. broadband – instead.  As well as offering high speed internet access with intensive stability and other features, it’s important that we at Delta 365 supply the best handsets on the market.

Cisco, for our money, remains, market leaders – and here are two of their signature handsets we highly recommend for VoIP purposes.


cp-7861-Cisco -Ip-phone-handsetCisco IP Phone 7861


The Cisco IP Phone 7861 is a  SIP only desktop handset.  Supporting active communication between team members, leadership personnel and conferencing, the 7861 simplifies connectivity between several parties at a cost-effective rate.  Certainly, if you are in need of hands-free, flexible communication between a wide range of staff and units – but are concerned about the overall cost of setting up such an operation – this is one of the first models we recommend you take a look at.

The 7861’s connectivity also drives down energy costs with smart features such as Cisco EnergyWise – and what’s more, it works seamlessly with a range of different products and administrative interfaces so that you can introduce these handsets into your existing setup.


cisco 8851 phone handset

 Cisco IP Phone 8851


The CiscoIP Phone 8851 is a flexible and reliable choice for those businesses in need of balancing fixed and mobile connectivity.  Offering premises-based and field communications to take place freely no matter where you may be, this office standard encourages quicker sign-in for both on-site and off-site workers.  Short of bringing in mobile phones for all your staff to maximise flexibility, the 8851 is an ideal choice for those businesses looking for dual functionality in desktop telephony, too.




These are just two examples of the range of business phones and handsets we currently support.  For more information, please see our handsets brochure.

Delta 365 Ltd is a leading VoIP provider, speak to a member of our team for a free business telecoms audit and review on  08081 691 365 or contact us for more information on how we can help.



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