Is It Time For Your Business To Move To VoIP?

As many businesses will be aware by now, a couple of years ago BT Openreach announced they will be cutting off their existing PSTN and ISDN network by 2025 and switching all their services to a single IP network. This gives businesses just 6 years to find an alternative solution to their telephony and internet needs.

The main reason for the change is due to the recent investment in new fibre infrastructure. Whilst analogue data (PSTN and ISDN) is sent over copper wires, fibre optic cables allow digital data to travel through fine hair-like glass fibres, by carrying light transmitted by an LED or laser. Fibre is not only faster than copper, but is also more cost effective, and more importantly for businesses, more resilient.

The takeover of fibre lines means that IP internet-based solution such as VoIP and SIP are the top alternatives, but what is the best solution for your business’s telecommunications needs? At Delta 365, we look at the needs of each business and suggest a bespoke solution based on your requirements.

The most popular telephony solution is VoIP. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a digital cloud-based telephony solution which hosts your phone system online and allows you to make calls over your internet connection. VoIP is extremely flexible; you can use your phone anywhere there’s an internet connection, so you are always in touch with your customers via a crisp, clear and reliable connectivity- none of the intermittent issues that can freely occur over telephone lines.

How To Choose The Right VOIP Phone Providers For Your Business

With unified communications you’ll be able to quickly forward and connect on calls outside of your physical office with a VoIP phone. You can even install an app on your smartphone and make and receive calls on the go, and you’ll have greater freedom as far as physical phone numbers are concerned, too – you won’t be fixed to one given space or area.

VoIP will also save your business money. Not only do many of the features that come premium with telephone line rental come offered as standard with simple VoIP connectivity, but you also get access to savings across the board regarding call duration costs and connection fees too.

VoIP phones are also hugely secure. Calls are encrypted and therefore primed against potential hackers and intruders. For modern businesses, VoIP is the reliable choice for secure, flexible and affordable voice communications.

For more information on how VoIP could help to transform your business’s communications strategy, contact us today on 08081 691 365 or email and let us tailor a reliable bespoke telecoms solution for your business.


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