Office Phone and
Mobile Services

Office Phone - VoIP

Communicating with your clients, customers, and trade partners is essential. VoIP telephony (also known as hosted or IP telephony) is a cost effective, cloud-based solution for your office phone needs.

Multiple office locations? Work from home options? Staff who regularly travel? VoIP allows you to answer calls from anywhere! We work in partnership with Gamma and Telcoswitch to offer you Horizon and Callswitch as your VoIP solutions.

With our hosted VoIP telephony, you will have a dedicated account manager. They will be your point of contact for your communication needs. And, of course, as your business grows, VoIP can grow with it too.

Business Mobile

Delta 365 understands that we are in a mobile business world. We want the best business mobile solution for you, wherever you go.

We have been providing business mobile services for over 5 years. Our mobile partners include O2, Vodafone and EE, so we can offer you a range of commercially competitive tariffs and bundles.

With our business mobile services, you will have a dedicated account manager to deal with your mobile queries.

Our expert team can provide you with a free audit of your current mobile bills and tariffs, and find a more cost effective solution to your needs. Whether it is Roaming or UK based calls, our team will find the best package for your business.


We live in a world where you need to be ready to offer optimal services to your customers 24/7. To do this, you’re going to need the right connectivity and technology.
Contact us to find out about ways in which we can revolutionise your connections with your clients. Don’t let the line drop – with VoIP technology offered as standard, you’ll never go wrong with our data-based communication strategy.

IT Consultancy

We’re proud to be able to offer dependable IT consultancy and strategic IT support to businesses to enhance your business productivity and profitability. Whether you are seeking an entirely new IT setup from scratch or are keen to redo your existing infrastructure over again, Delta 365 invest time in understanding your business and has the expertise and facilities you’ll need.

Business Energy

Don’t let your business fizzle out as a result of increasing energy costs. Choose a provider and a plan that offers you the best value regarding long-term usage for even the largest businesses and busiest of office floors. Delta 365 will find you the best value plans and services for your business energy needs.

Audio Visual

Effective communication is vital to business success with organisations spending thousands connecting teams, clients and suppliers to an increasingly globalised world. Standing apart from competition, articulating a message clearly and doing so globally is now more than just a phone call or email. Customers expect communications to be multi-media, consumed at their convenience and in a format that works for them.

Corporate WiFi

Staff teams are no longer tied to their desks, they spend time dynamically working in small groups, they hot desk and they even work on beanbags (if you are lucky enough to work for a tech giant).