Voice and

Communicating with your clients, customers and fellow businesses and trade partners is essential – and when it comes to making sure that you are always in touch through the most precise channels possible, Delta 365 has both the partner backing and the methodology to see you right!


In a world where you need to be ready to offer optimal services to your customers 24/7, you’re going to need connectivity and technology to ensure that you can always be ready to handle any queries which may head your way. Come and talk to us about ways in which we can revolutionise your connections with your clients. Don’t ever let the line drop – with VoIP technology offered as standard, you’ll never go wrong with our data-based communication strategy.


We’re proud to be able to offer dependable IT consultancy and strategic IT support to businesses to enhance your business productivity and profitability. Whether you are seeking an entirely new IT setup from scratch or are keen to redo your existing infrastructure over again, Delta 365 invest time in understanding your business and has the expertise and facilities you’ll need.


Don’t let your business fizzle out as a result of increasing energy costs – go with a provider and a plan that offers you the best value regarding long-term usage for even the largest businesses and busiest of office floors. Don’t ever let electricity tariffs and bills get you all a-quiver – Delta 365 will find you the best value plans and services for your specific needs going forward and thinking long-term, too.