Voice and Mobility

VoIP –
Hosted Telephony

With VoIP data voice services hosted by Delta 365, you can offer your staff and customers complete communication without interference and the dropped connections. Data telephony is the way forward – get involved now or risk being left behind!

Phone Systems

Corporate communication should always be ready to react and to offer you the height of interconnectivity as and when you need it – a business never indeed sleeps! With a range of packages from Delta 365 – partnered with some of the most celebrated telephony experts on the planet – you can rely on reliable connectivity at a rate which will fit in snugly with your existing budget and turnover. Take a look at our brilliant custom deals and see which fits your needs the best!

Business Mobiles

You don’t always have to be in the office – your agents and team may often need to take to the field, and that will, of course, mean that you need to stay connected to one another and with various clients no matter where you are. With our competitive, tailor-made tariffs and plans, you can take your business wherever you go without needing to worry about having to stay tied to your physical workspace.

Conferencing Services

For businesses that need to conference on a regular basis, there should always be a provision in place for you to converse with multiple people at once. Whether in-house or with various clients out in the field, it is surely time that you start taking advantage of some genuinely award-winning hardware to make sure you’re all communicating. Let Delta 365 lead the way.