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Effective communication is vital to business success with organisations spending thousands connecting teams, clients and suppliers to an increasingly globalised world. Standing apart from competition, articulating a message clearly and doing so globally is now more than just a phone call or email. Customers expect communications to be multi-media, consumed at their convenience and in a format that works for them.

Make Audio Visual (AV) part of your communications strategy and give teams tools that will enhance presentations, increase productivity and facilitate true collaboration, whilst delivering real returns on investment.

AV sits across many parts of a business; meeting room technology has progressed way beyond a washed out projector and a spaghetti of cables, and your teams and visitors know this. Offices are expensive so effectively using the space is important, but packing people in too close can be problematic. Technologies need to counteract the effects of conversational distractions and resource management tools allow hot desks and meeting spaces to be booked and controlled efficiently. The scope of AV is truly varied.

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms 

Meeting spaces should just work. Unfortunately, we see many that don’t, with users wasting valuable meeting time trying to coax a screen to life. First impressions count.

Simplicity and consistency are key, whether this is a four-person huddle room, or a twenty-person Boardroom, the user experience should be intuitive and reliable. There are many techniques used, but for example replacing an array of remote controls with a touch panel, where all a rooms functions are in one place with a workflow that makes the space easy to use. Now imagine this organisation wide.

Divisible Room

Office space is expensive making meeting room flexibility key. The divisible room uses removable walls to divide larger meeting rooms into multiple, smaller huddle spaces as usage requires. Screens, projectors and audio systems can be a challenge though – plug your laptop in to the huddle room to show your PowerPoint on the screen is easy, but with the walls removed, how do you use the same connections to display on a projector?

AV technologies make this happen, what’s more, once set up they need no IT teams and no specialist knowledge to make a transition.


Background music whilst you work, sound masking to reduce conversational distractions in your open plan office or perhaps a microphone setup to address the team at a weekly catch-up.  

Presentation and Events Spaces

Some will be intimate venues for high impact client pitching, others will be large auditoriums to capture the imagination of staff, press or industry peers. Whatever the event, AV enhances the message, provides wow-factor and ultimately aids success.

Do not run an event without considering how AV can enhance the presentation and expand its reach (including to a global audience). 

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