Business Conferencing

Our business conferencing services comprise of a wide range of solutions from the web, video, and audio, to make virtual meetings simple and easy to organise.

Delta 365 offers a range of business conference phones and call service, that is part of their VoIP services which also integrates with Skype for business.

When it comes to arranging meetings with clients, business partners and even those who may be involved in your firm but who are further afield, it may not always be so easy to connect face-to-face. Thanks to revolutionising conference call hardware and software in the form of Skype, we are now able to communicate with one another from miles away on a daily basis – making the virtual conference call meeting instantly attainable when it was once considered a luxury reserved for more prominent businesses.

We are pleased to be able to offer a VoIP service that comes with a comprehensive conferencing service to cater to small 1-10 employee businesses, 11-50 mid-range, and even top-end firms servicing over 100 employees. Whether you run a tight-knit firm or a bustling office floor, it’s time to start conferencing with your clients in a smarter, more efficient manner.
Our VoIP connectivity – voice and video communications through a data connection as opposed to a traditional line – enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to create and carry out meetings with multiple clients at very little notice.

We’re proud to be able to offer Skype-integrated conferencing to assist firms with less than ten employees and companies with more than a hundred personnel. Our software and hardware solutions allow you to meet and discuss matters on a seamless, reliable connection which will enhance the efficiency of your meeting strategy and will enable you to conference quickly with clients from all over the world – on award-winning software and with hardware devised by industry experts.

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Delta 365 are experts in business communications for big and small alike – let us provide you with a bespoke network of solutions to help keep your firm one step ahead and your customers connected to you when they need you the most.  
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