Enterprise - Managed WiFi

Enterprise-managed WIFI is essentially internet connectivity for your growing business to share – across your entire company, a reliable ultra-fast broadband connection that is unique and exclusive to your business. Seamless connectivity that your employees and departments can rely upon anywhere, anytime.

Delta 365 has an enterprise-managed data solution which will enable you to retain complete access to your public at all times – and so that you can remain connected with one another within the company without the risk of losing touch.

When running a business of any size, maintaining a connection to your customers and the outside world at all times is essential – especially in a day and age where the internet has never been faster nor more readily available.

Here at Delta 365, we believe that everyone should have access to their own personal data centre to help enhance the speed and reliability of their communications – and whether you opt for a leased line, VoIP services or otherwise, we think that enterprise-managed WiFi is the perfect business WIFI solution.
Keeping in touch is what we’re all about, and we, therefore, encourage a range of data solutions to be taken up at competitive prices and in a variety of different packages. We believe that firms up and down the country have a distinct right to efficient, reliable data connectivity – and therefore, you should never be expected to pay too much nor have to sign up for a deal which is layered with small print.

Take a closer look at our other services and consider your own data needs – and we’ll be more than happy to bring industry-leading enterprise WIFI to your business for the moments in which you need it the most.


Seamless Access

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