Leased Lines and MPLS

A Dedicated Connection to Your Workplace

Delta 365 dedicated leased lines offer the fastest fibre business broadband solutions to small businesses, corporate and enterprise organisations, in UK and Internationally.

When it comes to maintaining a secure, reliable and efficient internet connection, you are going to need to make sure you have the best technology at your disposal – and our leased line services will provide you with optimal performance, security and reliability throughout your operation. Standard data packages only cannot offer you the same personal dedication and guaranteed efficiency – take it from us.
Our leased lines provide you with a security-assured, personal and private route to the internet and back – for super-fast, reliable connectivity for businesses that need to be operating at all hours. Businesses and consumers are reliant upon the internet on a daily basis now – and we have been working with a wide range of world-class specialists to be able to provide unbeatable leased line connectivity that will work day and night for you – so you don’t have to.

Why Choose Leased Lines From Delta 365?

Full Range Of Options

Delta 365 supply leased lines ranging from 30Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s.
All of our leased lines are symmetrical, uncontended with no caps on data usage. 

Resilient Leased Lines 

We offer a wide range of resilience options for your leased lines to protect your business from downtime on any single line, all fully managed with 99.9% SLA. 

Network Coverage 

Global communication coverage to businesses across the UK in London and South East and Internationally  

Cost Savings Through Leased Lines

We offer a different range of contracts to suit your business needs, flexibility not tied into long-term contracts.

24/7 UK Support

Our UK-based technicians are available to provide 24/7 support during the day and night, to help keep everything running smoothly.

24/7 Network Monitoring

We monitor our network and your circuit 24/7 – 99.9% uptime guarantee on lease lines with very high SLA.

Leased Lines Offer High Bandwidths and Fast Upload Speeds

Whether operating voice, data, VPN or streaming services through our leased lines, we guarantee industry-leading speeds and reliable connectivity that you can depend upon to rest your entire enterprise upon. Should you need Delta 365’s support at any time, we will be able to provide our expert support throughout the night – meaning that in the event of an emergency, you can rely upon our experts to make sure you are always supplied with the bespoke backing when you need it the most
We can provide bespoke leased line connectivity to businesses of all sizes and across all fields – offering fast, reliable internet access and data transfer that you just won’t receive on a standard data package. If you’d like to know more about how we can help keep your business connected to the outside world at all times, contact us to learn more without obligation.

The Benefits of Leased Lines

dedicated connectivity
99.9% service level agreement
high speeds
faster uploads
more reliable
free installations
business class support

Super- Fast Business Lease Line Broadband

Delta 365 can now offer dedicated leased lines at speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second with the following benefits:

Dedicated Lease Line Speeds

  • 30Mbit Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 50Mbit Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 100Mbit Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 1 Gigabit Fibre Internet Leased Line
  • 10 Gigabit Fibre Internet Leased Line

What Is A Gigabit Internet Leased Line

  • Highly-reliable, secure and fast data connectivity
  • Dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic
  • Ideal for organisations wishing to converge voice and data on a single connection
  • Helps reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support
  • Scalability and flexibility unavailable from legacy service/7 UK-based support

All you need to do to get a free quote is to contact us on 08081 691 365 and we will provide a free comparison.