The Importance of Flexible Working

With the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, almost everyone in the UK now understands the true importance of flexible working in the modern world. Having the ability to work from home has been a blessing to so many recently, as it has meant that, for the most part, it is business as usual for companies, benefiting both the employer, the employee and their customers!

Working from home needn’t mean lower productivity!

Obviously not all businesses are able to let their employees work from home. Some businesses need to provide a face-to-face service, such as most of the retail industry. However, many businesses aren’t able to let their employees work remotely due to their outdated technology. At Delta 365, we have a variety of solutions to help your business become more efficient whilst out of the office, because working from home needn’t mean lower productivity!

With the recent introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it is now easier than ever to access your office phone system remotely. You can log into an app to make and receive calls wherever there is a mobile signal, or you can take your office phone home and use the hotdesk functionality to log in and use it as you would normally. If you are still using an old PBX system, then speak to us today about upgrading whilst also reducing your monthly costs.

Video and audio conferences have also become a staple part of home-working life during the pandemic. With the VoIP system we offer at Delta 365, an audio conference facility comes as standard, with the ability to host up to 256 difference users in one conference! We also have a preferred video conferencing supplier, so give us a call if you’d like to know more.

It is important to be aware that there are also some challenges when it comes to working remotely. When employees are working from home, they must rely on their home broadband, which for the most part, will have slower speeds than a business broadband, and could mean lower productivity. A short term 4G router and SIM contract could solve this by giving the user a separate ‘wifi’ network to use. We can offer contracts on a minimum 3-month term, with data allowances ranging from 20GB to 600GB, meaning employees no longer need to rely on their home network!

If there is anything you need to help your employees work remotely during this pandemic, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 08081 691 365 or email to see how we can help your business become more flexible and efficient whilst out of the office.

We can also offer Social Distancing solutions for businesses that are looking at opening their doors in the near future. Please give us a call if you require further information on the below;
– Desk Dividers
– Hinged Walling
– Retail Screens
– Internal queuing solutions
– Signage
– Sanitiser Units

We hope that everyone stays safe during these unprecedented times.


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